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We are a European company offering comprehensive solutions in the design and
assembly of electronics, electro-mechanical devices and cable harnesses. Working with contractors around the world, we are able to offer a whole range of electronic and mechanical components, PCBs, laminates and other accessories tailored to customer needs. Close cooperation with European and Asian companies allows us to offer the latest technologies, competitive solutions and short-term projects.

Our offer

THT and SMT assembly

We offer our clients assembly using THT technology (Through-Hole Technology) and surface assembly called SMT technology (Surface-Mount Technology).

AOI and X-RAY inspection

In order to obtain the highest quality possible, we perform Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI). Our X-ray device allows us to offer constant control over our production process

Conformal coating and potting

Our offer includes automatic and repeatable painting and resin protection services.

Box building

Following recommendations from our clients, we carry out a wide range of final tests and final assembly of units.

Wire harness assembly

Our portfolio includes the service of finishing and preparing electrical harnesses.

Testing and programming

We provide testing and programming services for assembled boards.

Assembly services according IPC-A-610-E (class 3)

We provide our assembly services in accordance with IPC-A-610-E. In electronics production services, we distinguish three categories of electronic circuit assembly quality.


the documentation required to perform the valuation includes:

1. Bill of components (BOM) containing:

– type, value, tolerance, component quantity, housing, designator,

– all component parameters important for the Ordering Party,

– preferred manufacturer,

2. PCB technical documentation including:

– material

– board thickness

– copper thickness

– surface coverage (HAL leadfree, HAL tin lead, gold)

– description (YES/NO, TOP page, BOTTOM page)

– solder mask

– dimensions

3. PCB documentation containing the following layer files (Gerber files):

gto – upper descriptive layer

gts – top soldermask layer

gtl – upper electrical layer

gbo – lower descriptive layer

gbl – lower electrical layer

gbs – bottom solder mask layer

gko – tile outline layer

gbp – bottom paste layer

gtp – top paste layer

drr – drilling

Price list

The price is always related to the complexity of the project vs. the time needed for a given project.
We are able to present you with an offer for the installation itself within approximately 24 hours
after receiving the documentation.


Our team

Behind ASZ Electronics Solutions is a dedicated team of professionals who make every effort
to provide our clients with the best possible services. Our team consists of:

Purchasing department

Production department

Warehouse department

Marketing department

Accounting department

Research and development department

Thanks to our collective knowledge and skills, we work tirelessly to ensure that ASZ Electronics
Solutions remains a reliable and valuable partner


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1.  Your education and qualifications

2. Your areas of expertise or professional experience

3. Your career goals and interests

4. Any specific roles or departments you are interested in in our company

5. Once we have this information, we can offer more detailed information about career options that
match your education and aspirations.

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