We have experience in designing and constructing solutions supporting the development potential of companies from various industries. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of work and the efficient use of machinery and equipment. By introducing our design solutions, companies achieve better efficiency and productivity, and reduce the strategic risk of doing business. Therefore, we treat each task as a priority. As a result, we design, modernize and supply industrial installations and equipment and parts for them at a level comparable with the solutions offered outside of our country.

We have experience in serial and unit production of details and components for industry.

Main activities:

  • Making, repairing of hard-to-reach spare parts, for example: rollers, shafts, gears,
  • Making devices according to the customer’s design
  • Making parts according to the model, without detailed documentation
  • Development of detail technology for CNC machines (lathes, boring machines, milling machines)
  • Laser, water, plasma, oxygen and electro-cutting cutting
  • Modernization – improvement of technological processes, machines, devices (on the mechanical side)
  • technical consultancy,
  • engineering design,
  • TIG and MAG welding, UDT certificate
  • making the structure
  • Assistance in solving technical problems of production lines
  • Making details from own and entrusted material (steel composition test) (usually steel, structural, alloy, aluminium, plastic